Welcome to the Body Architect.

Here you will learn about who I am and the range of services I offer in Personal Fitness Training. I do hope to be hearing from you soon as you have taken the first steps to a new you, by logging onto my website.

I understand that no two clients are alike and therefore no two fitness programmes can be either. A professional sports man will need a completely different programme to a business person or perhaps a new mother looking to get back to the gym. I cater specifically for individuals needs and take into account your sports/health background and your aims and ambitions for training. With motivation and experience I can give you the results that you want to achieve and make training a new lifestyle choice for you.

I aim to give you a fresh and exciting workout with an ambience & vibe that you will not find in commercial gyms. I will ensure that your workout is constantly updated to suit your new training needs and avoid the familiarity and boredom that sometimes can come from a training workout.

Here at the gym there are no joining fees or monthly gym membership rates, just the monthly personal training amount I charge to my client

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